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This is the website for the Annual Maureen (Moe)Talty-Franz Family Fun Walk. This was the walk's twelfth and final year. It was held on Saturday June 13th, 2015. The site of the walk was Cazenovia Park's Casino in Buffalo, New York. Moe's walk was organized by Maureen's family and friends to honor her memory, gather and support one another, and raise funds to assist those whose lives are affected by breast cancer. Participation in the walk also helps provide scholarships for local children.

Maureen was the dear wife of husband Bob and loving mother of Ellen, Bobby and Caitlin. Her greatest devotion was family and friends. Maureen taught in the Buffalo City School District's elementary schools for 31 years.

The 2015 walk was an overwhelming success. We had beautiful weather, record registration and attendance, and camaraderie enjoyed by all of the day's participants. Once again the walk captured the spirit of a special community of family and friends.

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Bob Franz with the Moe's Walk Banner
The banner was hung the day of the walk for many years. This year family and friends signed the banner as a tribute to Maureen and the spirit of the walk.

The Franz and Talty Families would like to express our sincerest thanks to all who have supported the Walk and the worthwhile causes it has supported throughout the years. In addition to your financial assistance, we will for ever appreciate the emotional support of a wonderful community of family and friends during a time of difficulty and transitions. We would also like to thank all of the wonderful musicians who volunteered their time and talents to fill the walks with song, with a special thanks to Doc Hanzly and his bagpipes. Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank the volunteers who worked so hard to make the Walk a success year after year.

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Those We Have Lost:
Over the 12 years that we have held the walk, we have lost a number of dear family members and friends. Some are shown here and many, many more are fondly remembered.

Timmy and Natalie Fitzgibbons Pooie Penders
Hopper Rush Homer Lewis
Peggy Sixt Peggy Farrell-Flynn
Rosalie McConnell Rainer Peters